Tzasteni Beach

On the way to Trikeri, with your gaze to the right traveling out of the car towards the unsurpassed blue of the sea, we will see the picturesque bay of Tzastenis, which has a small beach and is, quite justifiably, one of the most popular subjects photographers and travel journalists, as the wonderful color combinations and the serenity together with the picturesqueness of the landscape compose a “painting” of unsurpassed beauty.

This enchanting cove is located a few kilometers after Milina and Marathia, on the way to the village of Trikeri, in the area of ​​Avra.

The entire coastline here forms secluded, picturesque coves, suitable for swimming as well as fishing. There is no sign on the road that says her name, no signs to signal you to stop. Only suspicious as you are during your journey, where you will see parked vehicles on the edge of the road, you should turn off the engine, take your things and start the descent.

Also, from the beach of Tzasteni you will enjoy a beautiful sunset which, in combination with the sea, the tranquility of the place and of course the special background created by the houses located a few meters away, creates the conditions for absolute relaxation and peace.

Make your access to this wonderful cove easier by renting a boat.